Formed in June 2013, Santé Communications Group has worked on the following projects.

Canadian Cardiovascular Society 

The  Santé team worked with cardiovascular experts across Canada to created a series of  public documents and infographic to describe a Canada-wide project to improve quality in cardiac care. Led a re-branding and re-design initiative, creating the BRIDGE for Cardiac Care (Benchmarks, Research, Innovation, Data Generate Excellence for Cardiac Care.)

Beacon Community Services

Under a tight deadline, the Santé team of writers, editors and graphic artist worked alongside executives of the home care service provider to produce a winning, 150-page proposal. Capturing the company's knowledge, expertise and plan for future service provision, Santé 's communication expertise was able to present to funders, in clear and engaging text and presentation, why Beacon Community Services was the best company to win the contract.

 Janes Freedman Kyle

The  Santé editorial team assisted the Victoria-based law firm with editing of a Supreme Court of Canada factum, bringing out the strong narrative and helping create a compelling document that still met with strict Supreme Court  rules for submissions.

Special Services Committee

Working with the joint committee of Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health,  Anne Mullens, the president of the  Santé team, has been collecting, documenting and writing about the physician-led Quality and Innovation projects. These 21 projects are aimed at improving services in the specialist system of health care and at closing gaps in patient care.  

Shared Care Committee

As a communications consultant on the Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Collaborative, Anne Mullens has been assisting the team of  more than 150  mental health services providers, experts and stakeholders, including family and youth, in this landmark, year-long project.  The project is aimed to improve the access, treatment and integration of mental health care for children and youth in BC.


The Santé team has helped many other clients, large and small, with their editing and writing needs. Projects include ghost writing special reports, helping meet deadlines for proposal submissions, editing of magazine articles, drafting communications strategies,  advising on media relations or writing or editing other public submissions.

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