Jody Paterson

Jody Paterson, Associate:

Jody Paterson is an award-winning B.C. writer and communications specialist with an extensive background working in the non-profit and private sectors. Her diverse work history includes management, fundraising, facilitation and community advocacy.

Jody is skilled at identifying and developing the stories, target audiences and strategies that ensure an organization is effectively sharing its achievements, challenges and knowledge with diverse audiences across a wide variety of media formats. And after two-plus years working in communications and knowledge management with Cuso International in Honduras, Jody can now do that work in both English and Spanish.  

During three decades of working as a B.C. journalist and columnist, Jody learned how to take complex subjects, discussions, research and findings and turn them into clear, highly readable communications documents for any purpose or audience. Through her work as communications strategist with the Federation of Community Social Services of B.C., Jody developed her ability to hear and synthesize community voices to help organizations gain the profile they need to be heard more effectively by policy-makers, funders and the public.

In 2012, Jody was awarded an honorary doctorate of law from the University of Victoria for her social-justice and advocacy work.